I spent the majority of last week at a conference in Phoenix. “But, Josh, why didn’t you post about the conference while you were in Phoenix?” Answer: because the post “sitting at a conference in Phoenix learning about stuff” can be translated “I am away from my house. Please try to rob me now.” Anyhow, I did learn lots of cool stuff. I thought you might benefit from some of the information; so, here are 4 points to ponder this week: 1. Quote: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 2. Ken Dychtwald gave a great speech. Here are a couple highlights: Quote regarding longer life expectancies: “2/3 of people who have ever lived beyond the age of 65 are alive today.” Wow. Quote regarding the growing influence of women: “73% of high school valedictorians in 2010 were girls.” Quote regarding the changing view of retirement: “80% of baby boomers plan on working (part time or otherwise) during retirement.” 3. Sky Mall is awesome.

4. Regarding marketing: Create a client advisory council. 1.) Select a few of your favorite clients. 2.) Take them to dinner. 3.) Ask them for brutally honest feedback regarding how to improve all aspects of your business. 4.) Cry a little. 5.) Improve, change, adapt, grow. Perhaps this info will be useful to you. Perhaps not. Either way, Sky Mall remains awesome. Enjoy your post-fake-rapture week!