Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Wow. I fully expected my third post to be “Forget it. Blogging is stupid. Just follow me on Twitter.”

Anyhow, my blog continues. To mark this not-at-all-historic 1 year anniversary, I thought I would write a note to 2010 Josh on why blogging is worth his time.

1. People have found your blog while searching Google with the following search phrases:

“Where do I find information about how to jump start your spiritual life”

“start a spiritual life”

“what isle in Walmart is the honey on”

You might just lead some random internet person to Jesus and honey. That’s really cool.

2. Your kids are growing up fast. Crazy fast. You will want to remember what life was like when your kids were little. The blog is great for that. For example: a sad day will come when you have to pull a metallic flower out of your daughter’s nose. The blog will help you laugh about it later.

3. You’ve made a lot of foolish choices in your life. In 2011, you will make the monumentally stupid decision to attempt a workout program known as P90x. It will nearly kill you. Your little blog will allow others to gain joy in the midst of your pain.

By the numbers (thanks to Google Analytics): Just over 10,000 people have visited my blog. Most popular posts:

1.) P90x

2.) My thoughts on the death of bin Laden

3.) 20 parenting proverbs

I’ve had readers from every state except for Montana and New Hampshire. California provides the second most visitors outside of Texas (I’m guessing this is because I’m listed as a “top 25 Daddy blogger” on a site that is based out of California). This is all crazy to me. What have I done to offend the good people of Montana? Yes, I realize that 10,000 is probably a tiny number in the world of bloggers; but, I didn’t think anyone outside of my friends and family (thanks mom) would be reading this stuff.

Thanks to all of my readers for continuing to read, share, comment, and “like”. It keeps me motivated to keep posting. By the way, I think everyone should have a blog. Why? Re-read the sentences in bold print.