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Struggle Bus: The Van. The Myth. The Legend.

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Josh’s first tiny book: How to Find God’s Will


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You: “That title sounds fascinating. I went ahead and downloaded 20 copies for all my friends. What’s this little book about?”

Me: “I’m glad you asked. Do you ever feel as though you’ve reached a crossroads in life? Do you ever find yourself wondering which direction God wants you to go? Do you ever just feel stuck?”

You: “Not really. I’m pretty awesome.”

Me: “Oh. Well, I do. A lot. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life stressing myself out and everyone around me whilst agonizing over the plethora of decisions that life forces me to make. Do I choose path ‘A’ or path ‘B?’ Do I go left or right? What does God want me to do?”

You: “You make me sad.”

Me: “Good news! I figured out a way to get myself unstuck. That’s what this book is about: how to get “unstuck” in life…how to move forward confidently no matter the situation.”

You: “Can I get my money back if I don’t find God’s will for my life?”

Me: “Probably not.”


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If you read my book and didn’t like it, please don’t tell anyone ever.