About the blog:

What is the focus of my blog? I have no idea. My blog probably best fits into the “daddy blogger” category because most of my posts revolve around my experience as a Dad. However, you’ll likely find all kinds of miscellaneous and mostly-useless information here.

Why do I blog? I love my life. I wanted to always remember why I love my life. Blogging seemed to be a great way to keep a man-diary of everything going on in my life…without having to call it a “man-diary.” To be honest, I fully expected my third blog entry to be titled “Forget it. I’m tired of blogging. Just follow me on Twitter.” Much to my surprise, my blog continues. It has been a wonderful diversion from my day-to-day grind. Here is a better summary of “why I blog”: Why I Blog.

About Josh:

I’m a native Amarilloan and have been back in town for 14 years.  Aside from my day job (the promotion of which is not the purpose of this blog). My wife, Careese, and I are proud parents of 9 kids. We follow Jesus and are active in our local church.

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