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5 Facebook marketing tips I learned while promoting my book

I hate promoting things, especially myself. 1) I’m not good at it. 2) It makes me uncomfortable. So, when the time came to market my book, I studied as much as I could in an effort to, well, not fail miserably. Perhaps some of the lessons I learned will help you in your marketing efforts. Here are 5 Facebook marketing tips that will hopefully improve your own marketing endeavors.

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A couple lessons from good ol’ Bob Goff

Two of my favorite books of the last decade are Love Does and Everybody, Always. Bob Goff ranks among my heroes. There are several reasons Bob’s stories resonate with me so strongly, but here’s the biggest one:

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20 Recommendations for 2020

I’ve run across a few things over the past couple years that have made my life easier, more efficient, and/or generally more enjoyable. Today, I’m passing along these things to you. I hope they improve your life as well. You have very likely heard of some or all of these things; but I’m posting the list anyhow, because I’ve been surprised by how many people in real-life conversations have not heard of many of these items. Oh, and none of these are paid endorsements. I don’t do those.

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2019 & 2020: Looking back and moving forward

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

That, in a nutshell, describes year 2019. We began the year navigating a super weird world of viral internet fame. Our stupid old van opened the door to a number of interesting opportunities. One such opportunity was authoring a book based on our adventures in our viral van. I wrote a rough draft, found someone crazy enough to publish it, and made plans to make it happen. 2019 was off to a weird, but great start. Then, we had a wedding. Mary got married. We laughed. We cried. We danced. Fun times. 2019 was rolling along just fine. As a family, we made a number of plans for the remainder of the year. We planned an epic road trip over the summer–up through Utah, Idaha, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and back to Amarillo. We planned a summer of weekly hangouts with our friends in the refugee community. We planned an office relocation. We planned a number of activities with our home church. We planned a couple home renovation projects. We planned a number of kids’ activities. We planned a 13th birthday getaway with one of our daughters. We had a lot of fun plans.

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The Struggle Bus Book Update

You guys, writing a book is hard work!

I completed the rough draft copy of the Struggle Bus book at the end of January and handed out copies to a few wonderful people. These wonderful people had a couple important jobs after reading my rough draft: 1) be honest with me as to whether or not I should move forward; and, 2) make sure that, if I move forward, nothing I wrote inadvertently brings shame upon my family.

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The Struggle Bus book – Introduction

You’re here because you opted to be notified about updates related to my upcoming Struggle Bus book. Here is the rough draft copy of the introduction to the book. I won’t be promoting this particular post on social media. It’s just for you wonderful people who’ve expressed interest in my upcoming book (I thought a link would be better than an email attachment). You’ll have to wait on the full 14 chapters of Struggle Bus/Wood family adventures for a little bit longer. How much longer? I have no idea…but, the rough draft is almost done, and I’m making a little progress every day. I hope to update you again soon. Thank you for taking an interest in my writing. This has been a fun adventure. God bless.

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Craigslist Van Ad

Since my original Craigslist listing expired, I’ve been asked to provide a permanent link to the ad. Here you go. I leave this here for anyone interested. Yes, the van was sold! And, yes, I’m still working on the book. More to come soon!


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