If you are a regular churchgoer, no doubt you’ve heard some variation of the following sermon on “busyness”:


As many of you know, I wrote a short little book called “How to Find God’s Will.” The Amarillo Globe News was gracious enough to publish an article about my book today (http://amarillo.com/lifestyle/faith/2015-05-15/whats-your-purpose-life Thanks, Eboni - @E_NiColeG). I’ve already received messages from friends–who didn’t know I had written a book (I’m a book marketing failure)–asking for a copy. Yes, the book is available on Amazon (hard copy or Kindle) and iTunes.


It’s time to brag on my kids again. They’re wonderful.


As if the nation’s divorce rate isn’t high enough, someone decided to post the dress picture on Facebook. For the record, my wife and I see the same colors and will continue living happily ever after. We pity you guys who see things differently. God speed. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go here: http://time.com/3725628/the-dress-caitlin-mcneill-post-tumblr-viral/)

Obviously, I don’t blog much these days. I’m too busy with other things…primarily the seven smallish humans who are currently in the midst of an epic lightsaber fight. Anyhow, I thought I’d share these 2 tips. No, I’m not getting paid to promote these. I just thought this information might be helpful for any new parents out there.

I know that the entire internet has been thinking, “I wonder how the Wood family trip to College Station went…” Good news, Internet. Here’s a summary. Oh, and I’ll apologize ahead of time. I’m just going to quickly throw this blog (and probably all future blogs) up here. There will likely be some typos-hopefully nothing as atrocious as using “there” when I should use “their”. It’s probably going to be a bit disjointed. I’m giving in to the fact that I simply don’t have the time to edit and prepare a blog post the way the “experts” recommend. Sorry, grammar sticklers and blog aficionados.