You may have noticed a couple girly little badges that now show up on the left side of the page. They look kind of like this:


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Actually, they look exactly like that. What they are: “Circle of Moms favorite” badge: I am now featured as a Top 25 Daddy Blogger on in a section called “the roundup”. See my interview on their site here: my interview. Thanks solely to all of your votes, my little blog is now being read by moms all over the country. That’s really cool. Thanks so much for voting (and for putting up with all of my pathetic “pretty please vote for me” posts)! “Blog Catalog Member” badge: I added my blog to Another blogger told me that I should do this in order to “increase my readership”. Frankly, I haven’t exactly pinpointed why I care about “increasing my readership”. I suppose it could be helpful if I ever write a book. Other than that, I guess I’m just narcissistic. Anyhow, gave me this neat little badge to stick on my site. So, there you have it. Again, thanks for voting. You guys are awesome!