Hi, my name is Josh. I’m addicted to Ghirardelli brownies. Also, Ben and Jerry’s and vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic. So, I was wondering, “In addition to losing the respect of society, how much does this stuff cost me?” Let’s find out!

1.) Brownies.

Well, on a bad streak, we eat a pan (1 box worth) of brownies per week. I do P90X; so, I’m pretty sure that makes it ok. Some people drink a recovery shake. I eat a recovery brownie. That’s the same, right?

Ingredients: 1 box of brownies ($2.28). 1 egg ($0.14). 1/4 cup water (almost $0). 1/3 cup vegetable oil ($0.14). A bit of nonstick spray ($0.02).

Total cost= $2.58

So, I spend (at worst) $134.16 per year on edible happiness. Ouch.

2.) Ben and Jerry’s and other brands of ice cream goodness.

Hypothetically speaking, suppose someone eats 2 bowls of ice cream (or 1 pint of ice cream) per week. That person would probably be ashamed to admit this fact.

Ben and Jerry’s would cost $180.96/year

Blue Bell would cost $75.01/year

Translation: this fatty’s diet is costing him almost as much as his Netflix subscription.

3.) Dr. Pepper

I’m down to a couple of Dr. Peppers per week. However, I know tons of people who have at least one DP per day. I’m going to use “1 a day” for my calculations; because, the math is easier (and I’m lazy). If you drink a Dr. Pepper every day, you have a few options of how to take that delicious DP. Regardless of which you choose, I’m confident that you and I could be friends.

option A) 32 oz DP, Sonic Happy Hour with a little vanilla: $0.97/day; $6.79/week; $354.05/year

option B) Pak a Sak 32 oz DP: $1.07/day; $7.49/week; $390.55/year

option C) 1 can of DP: $0.33/day; $2.31/week; $120.45/year

Translation: You may be spending more money on Sonic Happy Hour than you are spending on dating your spouse.

So, there you have it. Bad habits will cost you a lot of money in the long run. The side effects of these bad habits are pretty expensive also. Yes, I realize that Wilford Brimley makes diabetes sound like it ain’t so bad. Don’t be fooled. I’m told that it’s horrible…and expensive. Join me in cutting back on the sweets. Imagine what would happen if we started spending more money on education or date nights with our spouses or family movie nights or gym memberships than we spend on getting fat. Let’s give it a shot.

Oh, and I know that you’re dying to know what “part 2” of this post will be. Well, I’ll be analyzing the costs of a few other bad habits. Stay tuned. Have a suggested “bad habit” for me to cover? Leave a comment.