So, I’ve analyzed the cost of a few of my bad habits. Let’s take a look at the bad habits of you other heathens.

1.) Smoking

Admittedly, I haven’t really paid attention to the price of cigarettes ever. Holy smokes! Those little cancer sticks are expensive! Let’s look at a couple scenarios:

A) 1 pack per day: $5.94/day; $41.58/week; $2,168.10/year

B) 1/2 pack per day: $2.97/day; $20.79/week; $1,084.05/year

Assuming that you keep smoking a pack a day for the next 20 years, be prepared to shell out $43,362….and that’s not taking into account inflation. Idea: stop smoking. Save the money. Purchase a BMW in 20 years. Thank me later.

2.) Inebriation

Suppose that you down a dozen beers every time that the Cowboys loose. Well, your liver is probably really hating Jerry Jones by now. Anyhow, here’s your cost:

A) Budweiser cans purchased at Walmart: $0.76/can; $4.56/six pack; $9.12/twelve pack

B) Milwaukee’s Best Light cans purchased at Walmart: $0.61/can; $3.66/six pack; $7.32/twelve pack

It doesn’t sound all that expensive when compared to smoking; but, look at it this way: 1 six pack per week of Budweiser costs around $20/month. For $20/month, could buy a ticket to watch the Cowboys loose in person this year. Bonus: at Jerry World, at least you can have a good cry with 80,000 of your closest friends.

Side note: the Cowboys won this week and actually looked great. I’m not sure how to handle a world where my Dallas Cowboys fandom doesn’t result in disappointment; but, I’ll take it.