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Rejection and Failure

I’m somewhere between a third and halfway done with my book project (shameless plug: sign up on the right side of this page to be notified when it’s ready). I’ll try to post an excerpt for the internet’s review next week. Writing a book is hard, you guys….but it’s also a lot of fun. I’m excited to finish the thing and see what the world thinks.

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How to Listen to Audiobooks for free

I’m a nerd. As such, I’m a big fan of audiobooks. I’ve had a number of people ask me where I obtain said audiobooks. The fact that I rarely pay to listen to my books seems to come as quite a surprise to most people. So, since I’ve got this old blog site sitting around gathering dust, I thought I’d throw together a quick blog post for anyone interested. Here’s how I listen to most of mine:

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The Price of Proximity

Location, Location, Location.

Why is this real estate rule #1? Forget the usual reasons of resale value and such. Let’s talk about time. When you have a family as large as mine (or a family of any size, really), you quickly realize that time is your most precious commodity. When my wife and I were house hunting, we intentionally confined our search to locations that were in close proximity to my office. I now live one minute from my office. Literally. My daily commute time: 2 minutes. It’s glorious.

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Smelter – I want your feedback


Cliff notes: Please do me a favor. 1. Go here: Click the “give feedback” button. 3. Submit an answer (or answers) to one or more of the questions I have listed. 4. Feel free to pass this along to anyone whom you feel would give interesting responses. Thanks!

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Reminiscing: what some topless women taught me about public speaking


The year was 2001. I found myself sitting in the middle of a little church in the middle of a little village in the middle of nowhere in Kenya, Africa. We were miles from electricity. The church was a small building made from sticks and mud. With the exception of a few people, everyone was standing because there was not enough room to sit. A decent-sized group of people stood outside, listening through the windows. About 45 minutes into the church service, my guide/interpreter gently elbowed me in the side.

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