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Struggle Bus, The Tour

For those of you who haven’t been following along, we did a thing. Visit to read about the adventure.

Alternatively, click on one of the buttons below to read about a particular stop along the way:

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Is it just me? – Eye contact edition – Right eye or left eye? Duration?

On today’s edition of “Is it just me?”, I’m tackling a couple questions that literally no one has ever asked me regarding conversational eye contact.

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Is it just me? – quarantine edition

Today on the ol’ blog, I present to you my inaugural “Is it just me?” post: quarantine edition. I’m curious…am I the only person with the following struggles?

#1 Screen time shame.

Oh my goodness. Did anyone else do a double take when their quarantine screen time “weekly report” notification popped up on their phone? Ouch. This is what my report should have said:

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Josh’s 10-step process for writing and publishing a book

As Struggle Bus has spread, I’ve received some variation of the following question repeatedly: “Can you tell me how to write and publish a book?” If you’re someone who would like an answer to that question, this post is for you! If not, well, ignore this. There are a lot of words here. A lot of words.

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5 Facebook marketing tips I learned while promoting my book

I hate promoting things, especially myself. 1) I’m not good at it. 2) It makes me uncomfortable. So, when the time came to market my book, I studied as much as I could in an effort to, well, not fail miserably. Perhaps some of the lessons I learned will help you in your marketing efforts. Here are 5 Facebook marketing tips that will hopefully improve your own marketing endeavors.

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A couple lessons from good ol’ Bob Goff

Two of my favorite books of the last decade are Love Does and Everybody, Always. Bob Goff ranks among my heroes. There are several reasons Bob’s stories resonate with me so strongly, but here’s the biggest one:

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