One of the perks of having a large family is that you can dress up as almost the entire cast of a movie. This year, we chose Despicable Me…primarily because the minions are funny. We had a grand old time October 31. Since we’ve had a lot of people ask, I’ll answer a few questions:

1) We bought the minion glasses from Toys R Us.

2) One of our minion’s hair is green because apparently the word “yellow” on our hair color can was Chinese for “turns hair lead-based neon green.”

3) I bought my nose on You really can buy anything there.

4) Yes, we all said, “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” way too many times.

Good times.


Oh, and there’s one other issue I’ll address briefly. Yes, I realize that I’m a Christian and some of my Christian friends would probably rather I had spent the evening hiding out in my house singing “Kumbaya” rather than fraternizing with a bunch of candy-laden sinners. I’ll spare you my spiel on why I think hiding from Halloween is a poor strategy for Christians. Nevermind. Here’s my spiel. Actually, just read this:¬†because I’m too lazy to type a lot of serious stuff today. It more or less sums up some thoughts I’ve had. Mainly this thought: sadly, 10/31 is one of the few nights of the year that our Facebooking selves have an opportunity/excuse to speak to our neighbors….like, in person. I don’t celebrate Halloween. I celebrate an opportunity to literally open a door to a relationship. It’s a bonus that said relationship starts with candy.