In case you’re wondering what in the world #TBT is: it’s a hashtag for “Throwback Thursday.” If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I usually take #TBT as an opportunity to post pictures and reminisce about the life of younger Josh. Today I was flipping through some old pictures and decided to bring #TBT over to the ol’ blog.

Most little girls have an adorable little fluffy teddy bear or puppy or something that they cling to inseparably. Not my daughter. Her snuggle pal of choice growing up: a T-rex. Here are a few pictures of her brushing Leo the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s teeth, giving him a ride, taking a nap with him, and feeding him lunch (ironically, Dino-chicken nuggets). Funny kid, our oldest is. Good times. 5 years later, we still have good ol’ Leo the T-rex; but, he mainly sits in a toy box in the playroom (yes, it’s a becoming a bit of a “Toy Story” situation). Ah, memories.

DSCF8553 DSCF8554 DSCF8557 DSCF8559