Well, that stunk. I’m sure as heck not going to sleep anytime soon, so here’s a quick & bittersweet blog post. I’ll try to focus on something positive for us Rangers fans…which was not game 7. I spent most of game 7 yelling about walked batters (new painful record for walks in a World Series by the way) through a mouthful of comfort food.

Game 6 was the somehow the greatest, most exciting, most frustrating, and most disappointing game of baseball I’ve ever watched. So many errors. So many clutch plays. So many times I yelled at the tv, “WHY ARE YOU TAKING HIM OUT NOW, WASHINGTON?!” INTENSE. It was one of those games that, years from now, I’ll be saying “yeah, I watched that on live tv”.

Anyhow, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say the sentence, “The Texas Rangers were one strike away from being world champions…twice.”. Heck of a season. Miserable ending. Props to the entire Cardinals organization. Those guys are CLUTCH. Here are my 10 quick parting points on World Series 2011.

1.) Are you kidding me? Despite wanting to cry into my bag of snack size Twix bars after game 7, that was the greatest World Series I have ever watched. According to USA Today, it probably garnered some of the lowest ratings in history. A lot of people are probably pretty sad that they weren’t Occupying a room with a tv. They probably would have done just as much yelling…probably with the same results.

2.) I think part of Mike Napoli’s ankle is still stuck under second base at Busch Stadium from game 6. Honeynapoli don’t care. He would’ve been the M. V. P. Oh, what would have been.

3.) Somebody give me some money for a prototype. I have a million dollar idea: Ron Washington dolls that do “the Wash” and are equipped with a pull-string that make it say, “That’s the way baseball go.” Hurry people, we can still get this thing out in time for Christmas.

4.) I don’t ever want to cheer for a team that pitches against Lance Berkman again.

5.) Nelson Cruz is a beast. Giving Cruz a fist-bump is on my bucket list.

6.) Derek Holland’s strikeout to mustache hair ratio for the World Series was 1 to 1. I challenge you to find another mustache’ed pitcher with so great a ratio or so fine a mustache.

7.) Nolan Ryan is a man among men. A legend. A pitcher whose records may never be broken. However, someone needs to train that dude to work on his high-fiving skills. Everytime they showed him giving a high-five it was all over the place: fingers only, miss entirely, miss then light hand clasp. Perhaps he should transition to fist-bumps?

8.) On second thought, the guy could give a weak high-one with his pinky. Who cares? He’s Nolan freaking Ryan.

9.) Josh Hamilton. Unbelievable. In game 6 the man scored from first base on a single…with a sports hernia…without painkillers, then hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th…with a sports hernia, without painkillers. I don’t care who you are. That’s manly right there (and would’ve been legendary had they won the game).

10.) Despite the absurdly painful way the Rangers lost (which we will all no-doubt be reminded of for years to come on ESPN Classic), it sure was fun to be a Rangers fan this year. 3 World Series appearances in a row? Third time’s the charm? Bring it on..