Well, ol’ Harold Camping is at it again. Apparently today is the day! Again. http://joshw.us/nvETQO. Eventually he’ll be right, right? Anyhow, you may recall that I posted my “top 5 ways to enhance your rapture experience” on the date that Camping mispredicted this event last time. In honor of rapture day 2011 take 2, here are 5 more ways to enhance your rapture experience. I took the liberty of naming them this time.

1. “The Pyramid”: Find 5 friends. Form a cheerleader-ish human pyramid. Make sure the guy on the top isn’t a Christian.

2. “The Glower”: Dress in all white and hang out at Lights Off Golf.

3. “The Scared-y Cat”: Set up your webcam. Sit in front of your computer. Place your cat on your head.

4. “The Make it Rain”: Step 1: withdraw life savings in $100 bills. Step 2: Climb up a light pole over a busy intersection. Step 3: Clutch fistfulls of $100 bills.

5. “The Red Pill”: Post the following status update to all your social networks: “Hey guys, I think I just cracked the matrix…” put on a black suit, an earpiece, and hold a blue pill in your hand.