As if the nation’s divorce rate isn’t high enough, someone decided to post the dress picture on Facebook. For the record, my wife and I see the same colors and will continue living happily ever after. We pity you guys who see things differently. God speed. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go here:

Anyhow, I used Photoshop to figure out the actual colors of the dress in the photo. Then, I used a handy site ( to cross reference these color codes with official color names from various color-naming authorities.



Here I’ve isolated the colors so that your sad, inefficient eyes can better see them:

Yellow Metal / Wild Blue Yonder combo



Kimberly / Mondo combo


So, there you go. The dress is “Yellow Metal” and “Wild Blue Yonder” color or “Kimberly” and “Mondo” color if you trust the bottom of the dress more. Since the color-naming authorities that be should have put me in charge of naming colors anyway (Kimberly and Mondo? Really?), I’ve come up with my own, more descriptive names. The dress is “Muddy Amarillo” and “Slightly Polluted Blue.” 

Problem solved. “Muddy Amarillo” and “Slightly Polluted Blue” is your answer. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Facebook browsing. You’re welcome, world.