Obviously, I don’t blog much these days. I’m too busy with other things…primarily the seven smallish humans who are currently in the midst of an epic lightsaber fight. Anyhow, I thought I’d share these 2 tips. No, I’m not getting paid to promote these. I just thought this information might be helpful for any new parents out there.


1) Colic drops/probiotic drops for curing antibiotic-induced diaper rash.

Diaper rash caused by antibiotics is the worst. It makes babies (and consequently, daddies) cry. Also, unlike regular diaper rash, seems to be immune to all forms of diaper cream. We use these drops as directed and can tell a drastic difference within 24 hours. Fair warning: these drops are crazy expensive. It’s $30 for a tiny little bottle at Walgreens. Worth it.


2) Ziploc bags (rather than using diaper trash cans)

With baby #7, I’ve stopped utilizing our diaper trash can. I’ve taken to putting his dirty diapers in Ziploc bags and tossing the bags in with our regular trash. Why? I hate diaper trash cans. It’s not that they’re so bad to use. It’s that the day comes when I’m physically unable to cram another diaper in the thing; and, on this dreadful day, I am forced to confront the nastiness. I open the can. Out comes an invisible mushroom cloud of one of the worst smells humanity has to offer. I dry heave, step into another room, take a deep breath, hold my nose, then pull out the bag and run it out to the dumpster. No matter how fast I run, the house ends up permeated with the horrendous, Febreez-resistant smell. Ugh. Enter Ziploc. With the Ziploc, I simply stuff it, zip it, toss it, and trust the magical stank-stifling properties of the plastic. No more dry heaving. Hooray.

So, there you go. I hope these little tips help you out. I’m headed back to prevent lightsaber-related injuries. Happy parenting.