After my Albertsons vs. United comparison, many of you asked how those prices compared to Walmart prices. Well, fellow grocery nerds connoisseurs, here’s your answer:




Walmart’s prices are cheaper for every item on my randomly selected list of stuff…well, except for grapes. I’m betting that Albertsons was having a sale on grapes. When cheaper, Walmart was over 35% cheaper than Albertsons and over 15% cheaper than United. That’s pretty substantial.

It is worth noting that, while you would’ve saved 15% on my random list by shopping at Walmart rather than United, you likely would have gotten more than 15% worse customer service. Is it just me, or does it seem like most Walmart checker-outers have been awake for 48 hours straight? It’s not that they’re generally unpleasant, they just usually seem exhausted. United people, on the other hand, always seem peppy….like Chick-fil-A-level peppy. I like Chick-fil-a-level peppy.

Also worth noting: during my research, I discovered these at Albertsons. Albertsons is the only store of the 3 that carried the dark chocolate version. So, I’ll probably be headed back to Albertsons frequently to satisfy my addiction. Well played, Albertsons. History will probably point to this product as one of the main reasons for your survival…and my demise.