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Full version: So, I built a new website. You can see it at It’s a new way to easily give and receive anonymous feedback. I’ve decided that the site is far enough along to give it a test drive. For my first test run, I would like for you to use the site to give me anonymous feedback on a couple things. Simply click on the “give feedback” button on my smelter profile page here:

Feel free to submit your answers for one or more of the following questions. They are all listed on my profile page. This will help me determine how well (or not well) my site is working. Contact me if you have any trouble submitting your answers.

For Christian non-churchgoers: what keeps you from attending a church?

For atheist or agnostic-types: what is your least favorite thing about Christians?

What should I post less about on my blog or social media pages?

What should I post more about on my blog?

From what you know of my life (online, in person, or both), what could I change to be a better ambassador for Christianity?

Again, please take a second to give me some feedback by clicking on the “give feedback” button here: This should be a fun (or painful) experiment to test out my little site. I’ll post some of the more interesting results soon. Oh, and please share this post if you know of anyone who might provide interesting responses. Thanks so much for your help!