It doesn’t show up well in the picture; but, you are looking at a nice little bruise just below my 5y/o’s eye. How did she get that bruise? Glad you asked.

She and her 7y/o sister were playing freeze tag-with weapons. So I’m told, it’s like ordinary freeze tag except the participants all have swords (the stick end of a stick horse). I’m shocked that this did not end well. In other news. I’ve started keeping a list of unfortunate life lessons my kids have learned the hard way (mostly at the toddler age). Here are a few. More to come later… Never grab a urinal cake. Never lick a toilet. Play-dough is not edible. If it looks like dog poop, just assume it is dog poop. Don’t pick it up to check. Dogs cannot be ridden like horses. When a roll of toilet paper is finished, it is not necessary to flush the remaining cardboard roll. Drawings of our family are wonderful. Drawings of our family on the side of my car are not. Markers don’t need to be washed with clothes. Markers don’t need to be washed ever. Naked gymnastics is inappropriate. Naked gymnastics in the front yard is highly inappropriate. Admittedly, throwing things at spinning fan blades is fun. Throwing rocks at spinning fan blades is not. Yogurt is not an acceptable painting substance. Walls are not an acceptable painting surface. …and…freeze tag with weapons is a bad idea.