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Top 10 ways to enhance your quarantine experience…brought to you by the Wood family

1. Create an Apocalypse List #Apocalist

Get to work on all that stuff you’ve been putting off for weeks months decades.

2. Absent a label-maker, use a sharpie to pointlessly label your food.

I don’t know why.

3. Play dress-up with your pet. Warning: your pet may loose all respect for you as seen below.

4. Play hide and see…without anyone else…with candy.

5. Send an Amazon care package to a friend or family member with young kids. For example, LEGOS! (Thank you, Nana!)

6. Dance party!

7. Read my book. I’ll send a free copy to a couple people at random who comment and/or share this post on Facebook.

Was that plug shameless enough? I think so.

8. Overreact to trick shots.

Now, on a more serious note…

9. Have your kids draw some pictures for or write some notes to local nursing home residents.

I saw someone else doing this and loved the idea. Of course, you’ll need to exercise caution delivering the pictures/notes.

10. Buy a gift card or two to a local business.

Local small businesses are making some of the most difficult decisions they’ve ever had to make. Why not buy a gift card or two to show some support during these challenging times?
Oh, and I’ll be sending out some of the gift cards below along with a copy of my book to a few people who comment on or share this post on Facebook. So, like, comment, and share away.

Enjoy my writing? Consider supporting my hobby by buying a copy of my book, Struggle Bus: The Van. The Myth. The Legend. Just click here. Thanks!

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We faced our biggest fear. Here’s what we learned about grief and suffering: our 5-step pathway through the darkness.


For those of you who don’t know us, 2019 was the worst year of our lives. On May 4, a series of severe, uncontrollable seizures forced us to induce our son, Isaiah, into a coma. For two months, every attempt to bring him back was met with a return of persistent, relentless seizure activity. We spent every second on edge as we watched our son fight for his life. In the search for answers, we worked with doctors from Pediatric ICU, Neurology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, Infectious Disease, Immunology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Palliative Care, and Hematology. In addition to countless blood draws, IVs, tests, EKGs, x-rays, and constant EEG monitoring, Isaiah endured three spinal taps, two CT scans, four brain MRIs, two full-body MRIs, three days of hypothermia, two high-dose steroid treatments, three feeding tubes, a blood transfusion, four failed attempts at burst suppression, five rounds of plasmapheresis, 37 days on a ventilator, 41 days in ICU, and 89 days total in the hospital. We watched his vitals crash time and time again and came very, very close to losing him more times that I can count. It was by far the deepest, most prolonged, and most consuming suffering we’ve ever experienced.

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An update on Isaiah

As many of you are aware, we have quite a lot of things going on in our life in 2020 (well, we’ve always had a lot going on…but especially in 2020). Yes, I’ve recently released my book; but despite this blog and my social media accounts functioning as annoying and repeated pop-up ads for my book (sorry, it’s the only way I know how to market it), my little book is actually one of the least important things in our world this year. Sure, I’d love for it to do well; but our son’s ongoing health issues continue to be our priority (the book was written prior to his health issues).

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5 Facebook marketing tips I learned while promoting my book

I hate promoting things, especially myself. 1) I’m not good at it. 2) It makes me uncomfortable. So, when the time came to market my book, I studied as much as I could in an effort to, well, not fail miserably. Perhaps some of the lessons I learned will help you in your marketing efforts. Here are 5 Facebook marketing tips that will hopefully improve your own marketing endeavors.

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A couple lessons from good ol’ Bob Goff

Two of my favorite books of the last decade are Love Does and Everybody, Always. Bob Goff ranks among my heroes. There are several reasons Bob’s stories resonate with me so strongly, but here’s the biggest one:

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20 Recommendations for 2020

I’ve run across a few things over the past couple years that have made my life easier, more efficient, and/or generally more enjoyable. Today, I’m passing along these things to you. I hope they improve your life as well. You have very likely heard of some or all of these things; but I’m posting the list anyhow, because I’ve been surprised by how many people in real-life conversations have not heard of many of these items. Oh, and none of these are paid endorsements. I don’t do those.

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