Some days, humanity depresses me. You’ve probably had similar feelings if you’ve spent any amount of on social media. So much hate. It’s ironic, really. We allow our anger toward people with whom we’re largely disconnected (i.e. politicians, celebrities, 19-year-old college athletes, etc.) destroy relationships with people with whom we are directly connected (via Facebook, Twitter, texting, or even old-fashioned friendships that involve actual face-to-face conversations).

I ran across this verse this week (we’re currently going through Philippians in our church class): “…so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me.” – Philippians 1:26

This week, what if our focus is this: that every person with whom you interact will overflow with joy on account of you? Republican or Democrat. Pro-organic food or anti-organic food. Pro-Johnny Football or Anti-Johnny Football. That their joy will overflow on account of you.

What if, every time people hear (or read) your name, they think, “Every time I’m around that guy or read his posts on Facebook or Twitter, I’m uplifted…even when we disagree.”

I think we should strive for that. It would strengthen our influence. It could change the narrative of our politics. It could change our friendships. It could change our parenting. It could change our religion. Also, it would make my social media time way less stressful.

Spread joy.