Downside to the beach: it’s quite difficult to find a restroom. That can be a bit of an issue when you have 6 kids. Anyhow, judge me if you will; but, hopefully I’m not the only father who has had the following conversation with his son:

Him: “I need to go potty.”

Me: “Number 1 or number 2?”

Him: “Just tee-tee. No poop.”

Me: “Just go out and pee in the ocean. It will be okay.”

Him: look of confusion

Me: “No, really. It will be okay. Just go in the ocean.”

He took off to toward the water. I went back to playing with the other kids.

I glanced over a few seconds later to see him standing at the shoreline bending down to pull up his swimsuit. Before I realized what had happened it was too late.

He had stood there at the edge of the ocean (in water that was barely deep enough to cover his toes) on the crowded beach, dropped his swimsuit to his ankles, and peed into the ocean in front of God and everyone. Sorry, fellow California beach visitors.

I should have been more specific.