As many of you know, I wrote a short little book called “How to Find God’s Will.” The Amarillo Globe News was gracious enough to publish an article about my book today ( Thanks, Eboni – @E_NiColeG). I’ve already received messages from friends–who didn’t know I had written a book (I’m a book marketing failure)–asking for a copy. Yes, the book is available on Amazon (hard copy or Kindle) and iTunes.

However, if would like a copy of the e-version for your iPad or Kindle or Nook or Zune or Palm Pilot, please download a copy here for free: You will need to use code “WX95G” (this coupon code expires Monday 5/18). It’s my gift to you. I hope that my ramblings in some way help you find God’s will for your life. If you would prefer a hard copy, I have 5 available to give out. Just email, message, or contact me and I’ll get it to you…at least the first 5 of you.

Thanks for reading! Oh, and if you read my short little book and like it, please take a minute to leave a review on Amazon or iTunes. If you read my book and don’t like it, feel free to leave a review on your Zune or Palm Pilot.