I, like most of you, was up late last night. I finally calmed the adrenaline rush by watching a couple episodes of NCIS-mainly because I couldn’t find my “24” dvds. 5 quick thoughts:

1. Huge thanks to our military men, women, and their families. There are not enough words. You guys are incredible. I shouldn’t have needed a reminder to pray for you guys; but, I am glad that one came. God bless you and your families for your sacrifice.

2. So, if I’m hearing this correctly, this is what happened: we located the most guarded terrorist in history. A team of Navy SEALs hopped out of a helicopter, stormed a compound, killed a few terrorists, then walked out with the body-unharmed. We didn’t need an unmanned sci-fi-ish aircraft bomber. We chose to fight mano y delusional-mano. That. is. awesome. “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.” -George W. Bush

3. I still have an overwhelming urge to run to a military base and start high-fiving people.

4. Wanting her to hear it from me first, I told my 7 y/o this morning. I explained a bit about bin Laden’s background (why we were trying to find him). Then I told her that our president announced the news to America last night while she was asleep. “Did he go door-to-door to tell everyone?” I bet he wanted to.

5. I shouldn’t have needed a reminder to pray for my country; but, I’m glad that one came. God bless America.

What an unexpected mix of emotions last night brought. Joy that good triumphed over evil. Grief for those lost in the battle. Prayerful fear that ticked-off terrorists will not sit idly by. Pride that our country will not either. And, finally, peace that our God is greater.