So, I was browsing Twitter last night and came across a photo posted by local sports anchor Brad Fralick (follow Brad on Twitter here). There are no words.

On second thought, here are a few words. You may remember that the Amarillo Sox made news earlier this year when they seemingly stole their logo from a major league team. Fortunately, it all worked out ok. I know what you’re thinking now: why, oh why, didn’t we copy some other team’s mascot? Me too…but, imagine what could have happened had we created our own logo from scratch. There’s reason to be thankful here.


This is guy seems a bit too racy for baseball…or any sporting venue…or the internet.

Dear Amarillo Sox,

Please pick a new mascot costume…preferably one that doesn’t look like the Halloween costume of a sex offender.




06/28/11 **UPDATE** Looks like we will be getting new mascots: