You may not have noticed, but the economy isn’t all that great right now. Due to this, I spend a good bit of time talking to people about increasing their “employability”. I thought it might be helpful to share a few ideas on my little blog.

Today’s focus: the résumé. Obviously, it’s important to build your résumé by involving yourself in your community, doing some training, etc. However, I’m ignoring that today. If you want a step up on the competition in this historically competitive environment, your résumé needs to stand out a bit. Do you have some design skills? Turn it into an infographic. “But Josh, I don’t have any design skills.” Good news! You can hire it out. fyi-I don’t have any design skills either. I paid my favorite designer, Jason Boyett, to work this up for my blog bio. Interested in paying him to create one for you? Contact him here:

It looks cool, huh? Obviously, if you are creating an official résumé rather than an egotistical blog bio, you’ll want to include more specific contact information as well as a couple of references. Also, always submit (or offer to submit) a traditional résumé along with your fancy infographic. Oh, and post the infographic somewhere that a prospective employer can find it when they google your name (i.e. blog, google plus profile, etc.). Good luck!

Here are a couple other examples if you need some inspiration: